Nomadic in Modern America

Welcome to our adventure. learn from our mistakes. find inspiration in our triumphs.


Becoming nomads is a leap of faith and is against the grain of “the social norm”. Buying an RV and traveling the country we love is reserved for the older and retired generation. With a young family our ideas have been calibrated by many and scorned by few. Growing up too fast and striving for what we thought was the “American dream” never bought us happiness; So we gave it all away!

We embraced our calling finding the things that couldn’t be replaced and giving up the rest of our material possessions. Drastically down sizing from our 4400 square foot lake house to a 36 foot motor coach, trading in new cars and toys that made up our empire of narcissism. It is liberating, but incomparably difficult giving up all the things that you had worked so hard for.

It is well known that “money can’t buy happiness” and that “you can’t make everyone happy”. The fact and matter of these phrases is that they are extreme generalizations relative to these ideas and modern society; when you stop living for others and personal status, you will be able to embrace the things that matter.