Getting the rig..

20160510_190637So long story short, we sold all of our worldly possessions and now we are homeless (kind of). we went RV shopping A LOT. we had some places that we frequented, some good and bad experiences. If you didnt read the origin of a Nomad (we are not the demographic that most would try and sale too..) Through our searches we found a green salesman who did great by us and represented the company well Blaine from Poulsbo RV in Everett. I dont even mind calling them out! they did very well by us and spent a lot of time just talking to us showing us around and even kept the lights on for us on more that one occasion. The RV that I am sitting in now was the one of the firsts they showed us, but it was too much.

We looked around and eventually settled on one that was brand new and had many shiny options, out door kitchen led lights all over the place. The one on the lot that they showed us was vandalized that night.. should have been a sign! We ordered the Same model and they gave us a deal that we couldn’t pass up. Upon picking it up we notices that it was a bit slapped together and there was some shoty workmanship through out. “Dont get baffled by bull shit” looking at an rv

  1. look past all the lights and features
  2. look at screw heads for stripping
  3. look behind drawers, panels and cupboards for clean up scraps
  4. sit on all the seats and just look at the surfaces for scrapes and marks
  5. dont be afraid to call them out on things that are not PERFECT.

the first time I ever drove an RV was this class A pile im just glad it made it to our parking spot before things started failing. the slide got stuck out, a door fell off inside, the outside sink didnt work, (the worst was a leak in the master closet .. ) funny story, our clothes got wet and ripped the hanger pole right out of the wall! hmm what else.. wouldn’t level, the maintenance shop hit it with a fork life .. did this thing have parts from James Deans car or something?! They even threw in this NICE stainless steel grill, and as I was putting it together Denika RAN IT OVER WITH THE JEEP! the one good thing about the RV and she KILLED IT!20160510_133731.jpg

Bless Randy the GM at Poulsbo Everett, we told him everything that went wrong and he did everything he could to make it right. Gave us more money for the RV than we bought it for, and we were dead set on getting in to the Tiffin Allegro.

We called in all the stops, cashed in our savings and even put together some interesting trades (who the hell needs a snow blower in western Washington), we even had family band together to assist us as our credit card had an issue. All my love to aunt Pam and John, and Bernard. We made it happen!

you can make it happen too, no matter what it is. dont wait! the time is never going to be perfect for you to pursue your dreams. Besides, where is the fun in jumping is the safety net dosent have a few holes.



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