The adjustment period

20160702_174254So we sold all of our stuff and suddenly the panic set in .. WOAH! we are doing this!

“Stories are not written about the ripples of testing the waters, they are born of the waves from jumping in with both feet.”


This is one of those life changes, to really make a change you have to jump in to it and take risks like Mrs.Frizzle always said.. magic school bus ( try and keep up). So we have very little and we went a little over board on the “Motor Coach” (now thats fancy) and realize we dont really know how to live with out all of these amenities that we are so accustom too. We went out and bought everything in the store for survival, if it said “off the grid” or indicated that it could provide the luxuries the would make a more seamless transition.







TIP from a nomad: Don’t buy all this gimmicky crap.. I haven’t got bored enough to use most of it. If you have a wife/husband that wants to buy this shit however,  pick your battles. It seems silly to you, they are searching for something to grasp on to in the leap of faith, this is the cost of some mental security.




Now we are prepared for a meteor to crash in to a super volcano as WWIII peaks and mummified bears with shark heads ride a tsunami in to the zombie apocalypses, or Hillary Clinton becomes president.. But one thing that we didnt think was that we needed a place to park the beast. We did stay in front of our former house for sometime, but eventually we had to drive. I was still working at the time and we needed to stay close and in an area with cellphone reception. proving to be harder that we thought. We found a place at the Eagles Club thanks to a mutual friend of Mimi (thanks Gram!). We did meet some interesting people.. That’s for sure. Perfect test run, and surprisingly it felt like home.


Washington state, like most states has a disabled veteran park pass, that allows vets to stay for free in the parks around the state.


Tip from a nomad: Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you (tip from a Vet volunteer for nothing!) never let your pride or ignorance get in the way of taking advantage of something presented to you. I say if it doesn’t hurt anyone and wont deprive anyone of anything, go for it and hold your head high about it.


I am blessed, tell your self this EVERYDAY! I dont care who you believe is blessing you God, Allah, many gods, or your own persistence. You are blessed. I am blessed enough to be disabled, and blessed enough to not let it hinder the things that I want to do.

I have seen Most Washington state parks now and some are EXTRAORDINARY if you ever have a chance go to sun lakes dry falls this park will blow your mind hole! Hell, go now!

cropped-dsc_00541.jpgWe kicked around Washington for a while finding the things that we are missing and the things that we need, but mostly the things that we don’t need. The adjustment period was substantially less that we had expected, took to it like a fish to trees or me to a book on animal habitats. The kids love it, never skipped a beat even getting rid of a thousand toys. they are smarter and stronger. It didnt take long to see the skills that they were developing are missed in my generation, and more so theirs. We dont have much TV time, and we lack some civilized amenities, but those things have never been appreciated more when they get them.


If you are struggling with “who is blessing you?”


FROM : A Nomad



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