The Origin of the Fantastic Nomad

20160724_163543It is truly hard to tell where the story begins, or even where the Idea came from. so lets just start from spring 2016. Spring is a great jumping off point for this story, though, nothing climactic happens this spring. It was around this time that we realized that we were living for other peoples approval. The day you can stop caring about what others are thinking about you and start really looking at what you want is truly amazing. Not to say that I can dance like no one is looking all the time, but I am on my way.

I woke up that morning in my hand made custom California king bed, shuffled to my imported tile walk in shower, smelled the ceder of my custom closet and drove to work in my brand new car, sat at my over sized ergonomic desk, and pretended to care about the work that I had zero passion in.. got in my car and drove home. When I got home, it was different. I opened the door to my 4400 square foot lake house, and looked at all my nice things. That was when it dawned on me, I dont need any of this shit !

I had dedicated my life to the narcissistic image that I was so ingrained with that I was killing my self to get it. I can almost hear the announcer..

“We have a late entry folk here comes Justin with his young family, it looks like we have an under dog. and out of the gate he has made a few mistakes, but he is gaining speed, hes gaining recognition that he so longs for! he is just rounding PAR, and he is taking the inside corner, and , he, has it ! he is showboating, he is well beyond expectations now he is racing to the podium.. what is this ?! brake lights…”

Everything that I had worked for was just for status, so that other people could look at me. people were jealous and that is what I strive for, but every time I heard them say it I hated my self for it. “don’t ever be jealous of me, be inspired by me.” So I searched for the thing that I was missing, I tried body building, dirt bike riding, smoking crack (JUST KIDDING, Glad you are still with me here), I went Snowboarding for the first time in a decade, I rekindled old friends, made new ones, I ate sushi.

I found the things that matter most to me dont take much money or power or status. I re-grounded myself and realized. It isn’t about finding what will kill you; the scary thing is, there is something out there that IS going to kill! and it will find you. It is about finding everything that wont kill you before it does. Not to say that anyone should go to the extreme and push there limits, just that life is short and shouldn’t be wasted trying to live anyone’s dream.. it should be shattering your dreams and finding new ones.

We saw there was a RV show in Monroe WA and we stopped by on the last day in the last hour. Some were not pleased, others were trying to make a sale, but being 28 with young kids, we are not the demographic for the “retirement” dream. We left star eyed and began talking about the real possibility of just dropping it all and starting life as nomads. so we did we started going through all of our things and if when holding the item it didn’t bring you joy we got rid of it.

Getting rid of all the stuff that I had worked for was one of the hardest, and most liberating revolutions of my life. Weather you know it or not, every unneeded thing you own that doesn’t bring you joy brings you an inkling of stress. We sold what we could and gave the rest away. Friends and family thought we had gone mad, but we didnt mind much.

So now we were back at square one. Very little to our name, but a little pile of money. we went and bought an RV and started our journey. The saga of the Fantastic Nomad begins.



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