The 2 hour drive that took 5



Sometime last year I received a rare form media of communications; I received an invitation in the MAIL BOX! like a mad man my long lost brother is getting married and has requested that my presence be made. Honored, he had reopened lines of communication that had gone quiet years ago. A whole wing of family disconnected through the tribulations of life, But the joining of lives is a magical thing! we Attended Brandon and Lacy Neal’s wedding and an unknown void was filled. I was so blessed to reconnect with family and they accepted me so though I was never gone.

its the little things- as much as I loath everyone’s nose in a device, we do live in the future20160813_225809

More than a year has passed and I have exhibited my best communication skills (poor at best) and stayed in close contact, even making it down for a visit to the Capitol of Washington state. Our inaugural journey in our motor coach was through Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. for those of you that are not as familiar with the area, high traffic, bad drives, poor road conditions and construction that started when Reagan was in office. We made it safe to Olympia.


Tips from a nomad: when driving cars have a better chance of getting out of your way that a telephone pole, tree, or sign. Inanimate objects are less conscious of you than other drivers (most of the time) and they are just as nervous as you driving the beast wagon! 

It is critical to reconnect with people, I cant stress it enough. In Afghanistan I was filling out a package to become and officer in the Marine corps, I was going to re-enlist. I was on the internet researching it and saw a picture of some guy. Shabby locks down his face, kinda looking like a punk, but he kept showing up in pictures with my family. I was confused, I dove deeper trying to figure out this mystery person. Then it hit me, this was my little brother, my eyes blurred and welled up, I choke back the sudden onset of repressed emotion. I closed that folder and NEVER thought about it again. I had dedicated my life to my country, but I didnt realize what it was taking from others. I missed my own brother growing up, and I will be damned if I was going to hear my kids cry for the first time over the phone. That moment was the end of that chapter, Thanks Wyatt.



Tips from a nomad: it is always better to learn from someone else mistakes than your own. with that being said, there are to ways to learn from someone 1. How to do something not to do something deciding what lesson to take from each experience is the hard part. 


85110869NOW back to Olympia I am blessed with an awesome father figure who has had an immense impact on who I am today. Wes, has been a figure to many people over time, and his impact on me is a testament to his character. Hes an “alright guy”. In the obamacare stricken king sized big gulp loving bacon dipped United States (with extra frosting) it isnt uncommon for a 50 year old man to spend his spare time trying not to die; Wes is no different, EXCEPT most of them are not throwing themselves down mountains, scaling cliffs, white ware rafting, snowboarding, and bear proofing.. the man is nuts! and a true inspiration. I could get the same inspiration from Bear Grylls, but My kids dont light up to see anyone like “Granpa Wes!” and “Untle Wyatt!”.


our first trip down to Olympia was a great success, we set up in a RV park and stayed low key, go to spend some time with Wes and Amy, and her kids Taylor and Cameron. Wyatt put me in touch with my old 6 string, so he is the one to blame for that. I’m nearly deaf and totally tone deaf, but it doesnt stop me and Wyatt is the one to thank for me still beating the musically inclined dead horse. Olympia was a great test, and we promised to make another stop on our way out for good. The next time we were in Olympia we were Nomads.


No matter how well you follow directions, a broken compass will never lead you to the right place. 

If you have no destination, you can never get lost

-John Cox

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One thought on “The 2 hour drive that took 5

  1. What an amazing story! I am so excited to read more. The military path moved me away from my family too. I have missed all of my nieces and nephews growing up. My siblings I only know as children and young adults. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I get to know my family even if it is through pictures on Facebook. It is at least more than I had before. I applaud you Justin and Denika for taking this leap of faith and becoming Nomads! Your children will benefit greatly from their experiences. The world is becoming overwhelmed with people who think that children are a side affect rather than a blessing! I cannot wait to read more! I hope that we will get the opportunity to see your family during your travels. God speed and safe travels!


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