The BIG change!

Sorry, I have been working on getting a post out sooner, but I am a student and have been focused on my mid terms. Now that the formalities are out of the way let talk about the biggest and scariest life change of becoming a nomad.


The key part of being a nomad is leaving things behind, and the hardest part is leaving a job/career. having a good job is the corner stone of being a man in america (YES, being a M-A-N) look out millennial SJW. this may offend you … just look as strippers.

Women: nekid!

Men: fireman, police man, construction worker, ETC..

Jokes aside, what is keeping you at your job? fear. You are afraid because you have a family, because you have a life style, a mortgage, rent, a mouth to feed. there is a lot depending on you going to that place of work. This is a societal and logical fear. The only caviot is that, you need a lot less than you have. how many accounts do you have that you pay to? phones, internet, video streaming, gyms, bar tabs, coffee habits, the list goes on. Spending 5 days in an office for 2 days doing what you want to do is not a great ratio. 8 hours a day 5 days a week, add in there commute time, time getting ready and winding down. If you are a good employee putting in that over time! You might have 4 days a month that you are free; for your life, you family, mortgage, car and life style. NOW, how are you feeling about the accounts you are working for?

The big difference is what if you are truly passionate about what you do. do it the best you can and stick with it. I would say that 80% of Americans have a job or career that is just that, a job, but when they really thing about there pride and honor it isnt to the company that they are paid. I have a job and a 401, the american dream.. dreams are for the sleeping and sleep is for the dead.

Tips from a Nomad: Take pride in everything you do, because everything you touch has your name on it.

So there I was, at the cusp of the the biggest leap of my life. I went in to “the mans” office and told him that I was going to quit, but I wanted to make sure a gave a seamless transition. Working for a super company, being a number I had watched people with 30 years committed, be laid off with out remorse. He suggested that I take educational leave, just so that I had a fall back plan. This man was looking out for me personally! I told him I knew that they were short handed and if I quit then he could have the option to hire someone else. He informed me that due to budget cuts that he wouldn’t get it. So I am on educational leave, using the GI bill. He wouldnt admit that I may not be coming back, but it was a real possibility….

I started attending a all online college, but soon realized that it was a paper mill. a school that is just out to give diplomas, but I’m not is school just to get that piece of paper. I really do want to learn and get the experience. I started community college right after the military and was recruited for the job that I was going to school for.. and that is what I resumed after 4 years of white collar working. IT comes easy for me, but I have zero pride or passion for it. So it was time for a change, I looked around and found Arizona State University has an online engineering degree that is the same course work as in the building! so I applied, and after sometime and dedication, I am now a Sun Devil.

I later found out that my old manager quit shortly after I went out on leave.

We were in Palmer Kanasket State park Washington. Great park ! zero cellphone coverage  not always a bad thing… Unless of course you are still working or your wife and kids are stranded in a transitional period of leaning to be TOTALLY self-sufficient.

This is where we really cut ties and went in over our heads.

This is where we became nomads.

we are redefining the term NOMAD. We are civilized, we are clean(ish), we live in a house on wheels, we are educated, we are kind, we are here to destroy your notions of a nomad, , a drifter, a squatter and a wanderer! We are nomadTASTIC and that is the way we like it !

-from a nomad




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