Accidentally refugees!


So, you set off on a whirlwind adventure of a life time, where do you go first? starting in Washington state, go visit our neighbors to the north; Canada.


(you know that Canada is 50% A, ay?)


If you didnt know, there is a highly symbolic and inspirational monument right between us and them. The liberty arch is surrounded by amazing gardens with two flags made entirely out of flowers, it is truly amazing. The over arching theme of this monument is the gate in between the towering walls of the ivory arch, the gate never closes. In fact it is bolted to the as far as gates go it is one of the worst, but as far as notional symbolism; it is truly amazing! “may these gates never close”  keeping the peace between Canada and the US.


20160821_143723Walking around the park and exploring is captivating, so much so that when  we started to get hungry we looked to a side street and began walking. The reasonable population and commotion of the park and boarder crossing were enough to keep you distracted. We got a bit caught up in it and the lax policies of that boarder, we found ourselves as illegal immigrants in  another country! that’s right, we had officially gone international… for about 5 minutes. we found a area with out a gate and walked back to the jeep. whew!

We were in birch bay through the dealership that sold us our coach, Poulsbo RV. they set us up with a trial membership at a resort, with many different locations to choose from. We decided that we would attempt to get our passports and go to Canada for our 9th anniversary!  Can you believe that! 9 years! but it is a pain in the ass to get a passport, so we decided that we would just cross illegally (not intentional, I am just joking). I really appreciate Poulsbo RV for setting us up with that learning experience, but we discovered it wasnt for us. We are more the outdoorsy “roughing it, smoothly” type. If you are more in to just traveling and hanging around the RV then one of these memberships is for you, but if you want to park your home on the edge of the world and wake up to a view.. maybe invest elsewhere (like solar power).


20160820_151226We did have a great time in the north. If you are in the area, there is an awesome water park, that I had all but forgotten about. I used to go to this water park when I was a kid with my family.  Now I inadvertently took my family to it! we went on this little train ride next door to the water park.. the kids LOVED it.. but it was the most ridiculous thing I think I have ever been on. A little lawn mower that traversed lawn ornaments, trees and dirt on little tracks towing saddle style cars behind it. Then we tried to teach the kids to mini-golf, I earned some grey hairs on that one. All was made right with one magic attraction, GoKarts! the kids first time on go karts, it was a blast!


We wrapped up our adventure on the boarder at a restaurant on the beach, sitting on the patio, and watched the sunset. every stroke and color of this sunset could have a life time of contemplation devoted to it. Only by the hand so god could something so immensely glorious be  conceived. It was really perfect.


Tips from a nomad: Everything is what you make it. If you are sitting on a rickety kiddy train in some ones back yard or you are witnessing the sun paint the universe in basking glows that are unimaginable, as it falls between two beautiful countries. EVERYTHING is what you make it, take it all in and keep at least one part of it.


-From a Nomad

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