We are a relatively young family of four, mom, dad, son, and daughter. Through determination we met our dreams and became a standard upper middle class family.

Justin and Denika met as teenagers during orientation at Victoria’s Secret in 2007, in all of the chaos of becoming an adult they were committed to each other. Growing up also meant creating there own legacy Justin enlisted in the Marine Corps in April and went from selling lingerie to  carrying a rifle. The young couple was sent to the other side of the country and were separated temporarily. Through Iraq and Afghanistan they built a foundation, and introduced the prophetical son Bentley. Returning to the home that was familiar, seemed like the right thing to do. Reestablishing in the Northwest and moving up the corporate ranks was celebrated by affiliates and onlookers. Victoria the daughter and princess of the mobile kingdom was introduced. Unhappy in the city we moved out to the country and a awe-inspiring home surrounded with jealousy provoking status. Where we decided it was time to pursue our family and the adventure of our life.

Justin- Dad

Denika- Mom

Bentley- Son