Accidentally refugees!

So, you set off on a whirlwind adventure of a life time, where do you go first? starting in Washington state, go visit our neighbors to the north; Canada. (you know that Canada is 50% A, ay?) If you didnt know, there is a highly symbolic and inspirational monument right between us and them. The liberty … More Accidentally refugees!

The BIG change!

Sorry, I have been working on getting a post out sooner, but I am a student and have been focused on my mid terms. Now that the formalities are out of the way let talk about the biggest and scariest life change of becoming a nomad. Quitting. The key part of being a nomad is … More The BIG change!

Getting the rig..

So long story short, we sold all of our worldly possessions and now we are homeless (kind of). we went RV shopping A LOT. we had some places that we frequented, some good and bad experiences. If you didnt read the origin of a Nomad (we are not the demographic that most would try and … More Getting the rig..